"I am thrilled to create photographs that will leave a strong impression and support your brand. Let me help you build a deeper connection with your audience in an authentic, meaningful way." 


About Audra Welton

Portland, Maine

Over the past 20 years, as a professional photographer, I have developed a vivid storytelling approach that captures the emotion & the details of each event. I photograph moments as they happen. My style is intuitive and I have a knack at finding a striking combination of light, composition, and emotion. 

My goal is to help you create a collection of photographs that will convey the feeling you want to communicate to your audience.

Quick FAQS:

What type of photographer are you?

A storyteller is my boiled down answer. I use my keen observation skills & my camera to tell your story

What is your specialty as a photographer?

On the fly portraits/products, action & environmental portraits/products, key moments during a speech/ceremony, photojournalistic style day-in-the-life photography. Making photographs in-line with your story/purpose/brand.


Do you have experience making photographs in different locations and/or accommodating VIP schedules?

Yes, I can and I do. I have photographed in hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of locations. Most of my clients have only a tiny window of time available for an "Official Portrait"...in many instances I only get 1-10 minutes. This is a challenge I love! I carry very little gear, make the most of available light and I am quick on my feet. This combination allows me to capture a few extra candid portraits & action photographs before and after the "Official Portrait".

What types of projects and assignments do you accept?


What is a "collection of photographs/images"?

A "collection of photographs/images" is the final few photographs which have been edited (not proofs) and are ready for use: color corrected, exposure adjustments, touch-ups which include removal of blemishes and fly away hair. Each event & photoshoot is unique. However, the commonality in my clients is that their end goal is a few exceptional photographs to provide to the press, to post on social media or for internal, customer & philanthropic communications.  **please note: I do NOT give every photograph that I take. Each photograph must my pass my strict professional standards before I release proofs and/or the final collection of images.**


Vivid. Authentic. Fresh. True.

  • Documenting important media worthy moments for Maine based businesses and organizations.

  • Creating portraits with personality, highlighting products, and capturing day-in-the-life styled images to communicate client experience.

  • "Highlight session"~ set aside 2 hours a month to create content (15-30 images) ready to post and share on social media.  

  • Branding & Launch. Working with your marketing director to create photographs  that convey feeling and visually represent your brand.

Portland Area Freelance Photographer
Creating Content & Documenting Events for Maine Based Businesses and Nonprofits
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